Thursday, November 17, 2011

A letter to Oprah

November 17, 2011

Dear Oprah,
After thirty years of saying to myself and to others “Well, write Oprah…” – I am finally going to write Oprah.  You and I have a long history, and I wanted to share some of mine with you.  I am sure you get a million of these letters everyday, but that was always my excuse before.  So, no more excuses, I AM WRITING TO OPRAH!!
When things were tough in my life I would say “I’m going to write to Oprah about this..” but of course I never did.  Thou I did call your phone number during Katrina and left the message “For God Sakes Oprah, do something, these are your people”.  In my defense of such a racist statement, I was hysterical and devastated over the conditions in New Orleans.  And frankly Oprah, you are the only person I “knew” who I thought could have done something.  
When I was in my car accident, and the doctor recommended that I get an Endless Pool for therapy, I just laughed and asked him, “you do remember we are military, right”.  So that evening, I told my daughter she should write to Oprah, and get her dear Mother an Endless Pool for her physical therapy.  I told her she could embellish and tell you what a great Mother I was and how much I deserved this pool.  I remember her saying,  “Mom, you are a great Mother and you do deserve this pool”.  My reply was then, why are we wasting time talking, start writing.  LOL  By now, I hope you are getting a sense that my life is full of humor.
I won’t even attempt the weight loss saga, you and I have gone through.  What a battle huh?  I wanted to write and be on your show, fabulous and 50 because I was becoming fabulous and 50.  That was in 1995. Still disabled, I was determined to get walking back into my life and so I enrolled in a water  class for 2 years, and then I began doing laps.  At last, the weight was coming off.  I was feeling very “Oprahy”.    That was the year before  my grandchildren, twin girls, age 4, moved in with me.  My days at the gym, swimming laps, were over – I was once again a new Mom.  It was about this time, that my daughter asked if she should write Oprah and see if I could get an Endless Pool for my therapy.  My daughter inherited some of my humor.
And then in 1998 my world fell apart.  After years of keeping my husband’s many extra-marital affairs from my children and my family, he did the unthinkable.  He brought the grown children into his drama. I was devastated – 25 years of keeping his secrets a secret; I awake at 3AM to hear my daughter crying. Upon investigating, I find my two children and my daughter-in-law sitting at the dining table looking very forlorn and devastated.  I thought something had happened to their Dad.  Oh something had happened alright, the man had completely lost his mind and his “Clinton-itis”  was now out in the open.   Maybe I should write Oprah I had thought, and just lay it all out and warn other women, to NOT do what I had done.  My son thought it might be wiser to write to Jerry Springer – after smacking him on the back of his head, we continued with the saga of their father’s infidelity. 
The 1998 saga was an interesting year.  Bill Clinton was doing cigars, and my husband was doing a Clinton – hence my term, “Clinton-itis”.  I wrote a story about my life up until this part, and then turned it into a murder story; I’m sure you can guess the victim. It was very therapeutic.  It just sits in my computer, gathering dust – who was I kidding, I was an old broad, with no chance of getting a book published.    Oh, oh, oh, let me tell you one thing I did that was both hysterical and I guess a little dangerous during this period of distress.  I knew my husband was in Tennessee, but that was all I knew.   So, two weeks later I find this number in his pocket with the name “Jamie”.   So, I call this number, and pretend I am Lt. Stacey Nelson of the Alabama State Police and I am asking to speak to this Jamie.  I told the man who answered the phone, (Jamie’s father) that we had a victim here in Alabama, and the only I.D. on him was this number in his coat pocket.  Upon describing my husband to this gentleman, he blurted out, well that sounds like the guy that was visiting my son.  My next question, was if he could tell me anything that might help me identify the victim, and did he leave their residence alone.  Well no, he left with the two girls from Ohio.   BUSTED.   I’ve always wanted to be a Private Detective.  Hmmm, I never thought about writing to you about the Private Dick thing, oh well. 
I am getting off subject.  I have told my children and my grandchildren, many times, to write Oprah.  I’m sorry, I can’t buy you a car, write Oprah and tell her what an outstanding student you are and would she help you get a car and a college education.   I can list many times I have told my children, grandchildren, friends, and family to write Oprah.   She can solve anything. 
Then the worse thing happened ever.  You announced your retirement from the Oprah Show.  I was devastated.  I would never have a chance to write Oprah now.  Well I knew the early bird always gets the worm, and I was definitely sleeping all those times, when I should have been writing.  Well that was okay, I told my kids.  Look, I got through all my strife and hard times without Oprah’s help.   And look, I’m still here.  Still fat, still disabled, still financially unstable, and still worrying about my grandkids getting an education, but I really am happy.    So why am I writing Oprah now?
Well Oprah, when you were presented the Oscar this week, I was struck how everyone ln the audience truly had a look of admiration on their faces.  They truly loved you.  Not for what you do for people, but for just who you are, a good person, with a good heart.  And tears filled my eyes, and I immediately thought about the last time I spoke at my church.  I remember the looks on my fellow members as I spoke with sincerity and openness – they loved me. I am kind.  I am a good person.  And I am respected.  And this is why I am writing to you now.  I just wanted to share one more thing, we have in common.  We are both good people.  Thanks Oprah for reading this novel and for being who you are. 


Rose M Scott
1707 Perch Drive
Mobile, AL  36605

P.S.  My daughter just peeked over my shoulder and told me to tell you I still don’t have that Endless Pool.   LOL  The tradition is handed down.  She makes me proud. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Casey Anthony trial

You know, I would hate to be on the jury that will be determining this young woman's fate.  Has the Prosecution proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she is guilty.  I don't think so.  Circumstantial evidence should be hard to convict on, but sadly throughout the history of our country, many innocent people are sitting on death row, due to circumstantial evidence.

Should she testify or should she not testify?  Well that would depend on the "real" circumstances.  I would like to present some scenarios that have been flopping around in my brain for weeks.

Fact.  Cindy Anthony is a controlling female.  She runs that household.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Casey Anthony is very intimidated by her mother.

Here is the scenario.  If the drowning is true, then Casey should have testified.  The girl is irresponsible, the child goes out into the yard and gets into the pool and drowns.  Casey on finding Caylee, hysterically panics.  OMG what is my mother going to do.  Remember Casey is scared of her mother.  Hysteria sets in and panic takes over.  I can't let my Mom know that I let Caylee drown.  OMG what am I going to do.  The only thing she can do.  She hides the child.  Mommy dearest cannot find out.  Never.  And at this point, Casey goes into a survival mode.  (remember, this is IF the drowning is real).  Her actions, would then be that of a woman in complete denial and survival mode.  The death of her child, is nothing, compared to facing the wrath of  her mother.  And her "fairy tale" tragically begins.

OK.  So this is true.  But Casey doesn't testify.  Big mistake IF this is true. Lying, hiding a child's death, is not murdering the child.  IF this was true, she would have had to testify.

The molestation.  Is it true.  Do you really think the father is going to admit this?  Or the brother.  (His scenario is coming up).  The father lied on the stand about his affair.  Men, who have "Clintonitis" (patent pending) would lie if you walked in on them having sex with a woman.   What woman?  I am not having sex with this woman!  Really, they would.  You have to have been in a long relationship with someone who is inflicted with "Clintonitis".  He will never admit to the infidelity until he is confronted in a way that is undeniable, and to this type of individual, it has to be mind-jotting scenario.     Did the brother molest her?  Like father, like son?  Remember, molestation runs in families.  Just as infidelity does.

So why did Lee Anthony get so upset over the fact that they hid his sisters pregnancy from him.  What is the motive or reason for this.  To block out this sibling, who undoubtedly had a close relationship to his sister (his testimony was one of the very few that made Casey cry).  Could "they" the parents, have thought that Lee could possibly be the father of the baby?  Why was he so upset at their excluding him from the pregnancy.  Did Lee have some knowledge that they didn't want to be confronted with.   Would Lee suspect that his Father could be Caylee's father/grandfather.  Hey, we live in a sick world, and this scenario happens all the time.    If this is possible then Casey Anthony should have testified.

If both of these events happened as the Defense claims and they did not put Casey on the stand, they have done a great harm and injustice.   If this information is false, then they made the right choice, of not putting Casey on the stand.

If the Defense is just pulling things out of the magical hat, then Casey cannot take the stand.  Because of her lies and storytelling. Her actions during the 30 day period.   BUT,   If the events were true, then the lying and storytelling and her actions could make perfect sense.

Will the jurors think about this?  Will they flip these allegations over and over in their minds?  Who knows.  Jurors quite often surprise the public.  But I can understand any judgment they render, except the death penalty.  I do not believe how much a person lies and fabricates their life, makes them a murderer.  I would not want to be on that jury.  My mind would be reeling.  Will she be acquitted?  I don't think so, because she didn't get on the stand, and tell a story of acquittal.  But then again, look at O.J.  Did he do it?  Only he knows.   Did Casey kill her child.  Did the child accidently drown and the mother panicked and hid the body? We will never know how Caylee Anthony died.  And that is tragic.

We will never know.